Benike Construction offers an extensive range of services to best suit our clients' needs, whether they are large or small. Our project experience is a strong example of our employees’ ability to deliver a successful project, incorporating the best practices in the construction industry and utilizing our service offerings.

Building Maintenance
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Prior to a shovel breaking ground, careful planning, preparation, and design need to take place to ensure a successful construction effort. Benike is able to assist project teams with pre-construction knowledge that only comes from our years of industry leadership and service. Low cost, high impact decisions are made during the pre-construction phase, which minimize pitfalls during construction and add significant value to the end product.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction is a vital phase of a construction project. Benike can assist your project during the pre-construction phase by completing constructability reviews, value analysis, permitting assistance, and early site verifications. These services can be obtained a la carte, or as part of a Construction Manager at-risk agreement.

Cost Estimating/Analysis

Benike has an extensive database of real project costs that lend valuable insight into early project budgeting. Offering estimating services prior to completion of design documents can help the client make programming choices and go/no-go decisions. Conceptual estimating of early project designs leads to the most impactful insights.


Owners and Designers often work together months or even years prior to hiring a builder. This can lead to an “us versus them” atmosphere and cause friction during construction. Benike employs licensed design professionals who can become an active part of the design process with the Owner and Designer. Becoming your team member at an early stage leads to better buy-in by all parties, better project collaboration, and improved overall project performance.

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Construction is the core business of Benike Construction. Organizing building materials into a physical manifestation of the client’s vision is possible through construction. The construction phase is the culmination of careful thought, planning, organization, design, and will. Benike will help lead you through construction of your next project.

General Contracting

As the general contractor, Benike Construction will manage all aspects of your construction project. We will also self-perform much of the construction including: concrete, masonry, carpentry, etc. This delivery method includes subcontractor selection and can be utilized under both public and privately bid projects.

Construction Management

As the construction manager of a project, Benike will operate as the primary decision maker on the client’s behalf. Under the Construction Management At-Risk delivery method, Benike will provide accurate cost estimating and budgeting prior to completion of the Construction Documents. A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) is established, and Benike becomes “at risk” to deliver the project at or under the GMP.


The design-build delivery method places the builder, Benike Construction in a more appropriate position to make value engineering decisions during the design phase of development. Because Benike is involved from the beginning, we are able to offer construction expertise that aids in a more cost-effective structure as well as saving valuable time. The builder and architect serve as a single entity for the owner to work with which creates a single source of accountability. Benefits of this delivery method include a single source of responsibility, accelerated schedule, better communication between architect and contractor, and better schedule control.

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Owner’s Representation

As an owner’s rep, Benike provides 3rd party construction management for the Owner on a project. Typically, an Owner’s rep does not contract directly with any contractors performing the work, but acts as the Owner’s “eyes and ears” during delivery of a project. Benike can assist the Owner with preparing Instructions to Bidders, review Construction Documents, prepare a Bid Form, review and analyze contractor bids, conduct pre-award conferences, review Change Order Requests and Applications for Payment, review submittals, provide onsite supervision and inspections, assist with project closeout documentation, and more.


The primary differentiator between Benike and its competitors is its people. Benike believes that self-performing work gives us an advantage over our competitors because of the direct control over quality and schedule. Each employee has a different level of skill and experience that can be fit to the project. Benike self-performs concrete, masonry and carpentry work.


 Building Maintenance

After the keys are handed over and the construction crews have long left the site, Benike Construction can serve as your facility maintenance contractor. Remodeling and adjusting your facility’s space to meet the changing demands of your business is essential to keeping pace in today’s competitive work environment. Whether you need to punch in a new window, move a wall, add some casework, or pour some concrete, Benike can assist you with your general construction and maintenance needs.

Asset Maintenance

Maintaining your facility is essential to extending the lifespan of your building asset and keeping lifecycle costs reasonable. Benike is here to help maintain your building through regular construction updates. Masonry repair/restoration, concrete patching, re-caulking, new doors and windows, and aesthetic refreshes are all services that Benike offers to keep your asset performing its best.

Facility Management

Benike Construction can serve as a facilities manager. We have over 10 years of experience as primary managers at a shipping/receiving warehouse.

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 Other Solutions

In addition to pre-construction and construction phase services, Benike is able to bring additional value added solutions to your construction project. Benike is an expert in green building practices. Benike facilitates virtual design & construction, and building information modeling (BIM). Benike is on a track of continuous improvement, seeking ways to eliminate low production. Benike is a safe company that values its employees’ ability to safely return home after a hard day’s work.

Green Building

Whether your goals are to reduce operational expenses through energy conservation, a healthy indoor environment through the use of non-toxic materials, or a better place to work and play through day-lighting and fresh air, Alvin E. Benike, Inc is experienced in green building strategies and implementation.

We Value Green Building Strategies and Innovations

Benike Construction believes in continuous improvement through innovation. We recognize that environmentally conscious building strategies are continuously evolving. Our company's recent work on several green buildings has provided our team with opportunities to engage in innovative strategies, practice implementing sustainable building techniques, and contribute to discussion about how to optimize building efficiency. Recent work has included elements of geothermal heating and cooling, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), structural insulated panels (SIPs), stormwater collections systems, pervious concrete, permeable pavers, electrochromic glass, and renewable energy.

We Are Experienced in Green Building

Benike Construction has completed a number of energy efficient building projects. Benike completed construction on the Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association (IMAA) building in 2006. This project was regarded by many as one of Rochester's first green buildings. The Egan-Nietz Building which was constructed in 2008 was the first LEED certified building in Rochester, MN. The Winona County Historical Society Expansion project in Winona, MN was constructed to be "LEED-certifiable," but the Owners elected not to go through the rigors of the certification process. Most recently, construction was completed on two more green buildings: the Cascade Meadow Wetlands & Environmental Science Center (currently seeking LEED certification), and the City of Rochester Public Works & Transit Operations Center.

We Have Green Building Expertise

Many employees at Benike Construction hold a LEED Accredited Professional credential and help to raise the bar on what "green building" means to the industry. Employees are members of the state and local chapters of the US Green Building Council, as well as the Rochester Energy Commission, and Rochester Area Builders’ Green Building Committee. Green Building is akin to continuous improvement, innovation, and implementation of best practices.

Energy Solutions Partner

Benike Construction is an RPU energy solutions partner (ESP). We can help our customers implement energy saving ideas for their building, achieve rebates, and obtain special financing only given through an ESP.

Virtual Design & Construction

The ability to “electronically build” a project before ever having stuck a shovel in the ground is a method of pre-planning work that has numerous advantages. Benike Construction is capable of facilitating spatial coordination between mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) systems, structural and architectural elements. MEP intensive projects can benefit from spatial coordination, visualization, and building information modeling. Although spatial coordination can be done utilizing 2-Dimensional drawings or CAD files, many consider 3-Dimensional coordination more useful and accurate. Virtually constructing a portion of the project becomes even more important when space requirements are limited (such as a limited ceiling space). Virtual design and construction allows for collaboration between Contractor and Design Team through enhanced visualization and understanding of design intent.  


Lean Construction Delivery

Eliminating waste from the construction process is the ultimate goal of lean construction delivery. This can occur through extensive pre-planning, virtual design & construction, and off-site prefabrication of building elements. Benike is educated in Lean Construction delivery and strives to make its projects efficient through the implementation of lean principles such as The Last Planner System ® By implementing lean construction principles, Benike can save your project time and money.

Safety Management

Benike Construction believes that safety on the jobsite is a very important part of the construction process we provide for our clients. We maintain an aggressive safety program which results in our terrific safety record. Our company is committed to safety, starting with upper management and all the way down.

We require both general safety and job-specific training for our employees including 30 hours of the most updated OSHA training for supervisors, and a minimum of 10 hours for all field personnel. We also conduct prescreen drug testing to ensure that every job is managed in a safe way.

One aspect that sets Benike's safety program apart from competitors is that we employ a full-time safety director at our home office. The safety director assists in safety performance audits, manages training programs, and provides solutions for safety issues at job sites. Our employee safety training includes classroom-type presentations by our safety director, pre-task planning, as well as hands on safety training that can be either general safety or job-specific.

If you need skilled construction professionals who can incorporate workplace safety into elevated productivity, Benike Construction is the company you seek.

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