How We’re Responding to COVID-19.

Benike Construction is committed to the health and safety of the Benike Team, our families, and our communities. In the past several weeks, we have taken a number of measures to help them stay safe and healthy.

  • All employees have received training on the following workplace plans:
    • Signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and what to do if they become symptomatic.
    • Benike Construction COVID-19 Plan and Precautions.
    • Employees are to stay home and notify Benike Construction’s Safety Director if sick or experiencing symptoms.†
  • Construction jobsite safety protocols have been put in place:
    • Pre-screening of workers on site for temperature, symptoms, and close contacts.
    • Wearing of cloth face coverings (in addition to standard construction PPE).
    • Social distancing.
    • Pre-task planning.
    • Scheduling the work to allow for social distancing to be maintained on site (do not stack trades).
    • Hand washing / sanitizer availability.
    • Disinfecting and cleaning frequently touched surfaces and work areas.
    • Respiratory etiquette.
    • Disinfecting tools.
    • Limited visitor access to jobsites, trailers, and break areas.
    • Discontinued the use of shared water coolers.†
  • COVID-19 Precautions signage has been posted at our jobsites and office.
  • Remote work arrangements have been made available.
    • Conference calls and virtual meetings are being held in place of in-person or on-site meetings where possible.
    • All non-essential work travel has been canceled.
  • All employees are required to check their temperature daily before presenting to work.
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection of Benike office.
  • Establishment of a COVID-19 Precautions Review Team consisting of both field leadership and company management.
  • Regular review of our COVID-19 protocols and making frequent adjustments based on recommendations from trusted sources:
    • Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
    • Minnesota Department of Health (MDH)
    • Mayo Clinic

If you have questions or would like more information on how we are responding to COVID-19, please contact Benike Construction’s Safety Director, Chris Lisowski at 507.735.2092.

Health and safety for our jobsites and workplaces is our continued priority. By implementing these enhanced procedures we can help slow the spread of this virus and save lives.